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Atem - 1/11/2022

An open source desktop app which lets you compress videos to under 8mb to send on Discord. Written in rust using tauri + ffmpeg.

Resync - 27/5/2022

A CLI which finds out of sync comments in your source code. It currently supports js/ts and rust. Used in the Readable extension to find out of sync comments. - 16/1/2022

A vscode extension which generates documentation for your code using Ai. It uses codex, and was the first business I started. Learned a lot about Ai, and got inspired to get into deep learning after coding Readable.

Resync-Edit - 12/21/2021

A program which trims videos in under a second. It does this by not re encoding the video. image.pngMeant to be used with NVidia Instant Replace or AMD ReLive. Also includes a right click context menu to easily edit a video from file explorer. - 6/5/2021

A website where people can upload mp3 files to YouTube by overlaying audio with an image. Despite its horrible SEO, the "conversion" rate (amount of people who upload a video) is insanely high because of the upload form being the first thing the user saw.

There's a lot of backstory behind the website, with it being re-made 3 times. In the end, all turned out fine, and serves its purpose. - 1/1/2021

A fun website where you can guess the price of various items. It was coded using Next JS, used MongoDB as the database, and used Azure Blob Storage to store the images. It was coded with Victor and released on the first day of 2021.

This was by far our most successful project. After a few weeks of going back and forth, not knowing what to do with the project, we decided to completely re-design and remake the project from scratch.

What followed is one of the websites I'm most proud of, and is now played by many each day.

nweather - 7/3/2021

A command line weather program coded in c++. It relies on the openweather api for the weather information, and has recently been updated to automatically get the weather for your current location. - 31/7/2020

The first website Victor and I made - A website where you can rig a coin flip to land on whatever side you want it to be. Unlike other coinflip websites (which weren't rigged), we tried to give Rigged Coin Flip unique functionality and design, while still trying to keep things simple.

We had originally posted the website on r/internetisbeautiful, and then relied on it appearing first whenever you googled "rigged coin flip" to get people to discover it.

As of 20 April, 2021, the coins on the website have been clicked over 300,000 times.

Last edited: 6/11/2022